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President Biden, PM Suga to hold joint news conference after summit 

Asahi wrote that the White House announced on Sunday that President Biden will hold a summit and joint press conference with Prime Minister Suga on April 16. Noting that Suga will be the first foreign leader with whom the President will hold an in-person meeting, the White House said this demonstrates that the Biden administration places importance on bilateral relations with Japan and the friendship and partnership with the people of Japan. The paper wrote that since the President is scheduled to travel to Delaware on the same day, he will not have dinner with Suga after the summit and the news conference. The paper speculated that the two leaders will discuss such issues as Taiwan, China’s human rights violations in Xinjiang and other areas, supply chains, and climate change. 


Nikkei wrote that the governments of the United States and Japan are making arrangements for President Biden and Prime Minister Suga to issue after their summit a joint statement  that will stipulate the importance of the stability of the Taiwan Strait. The paper speculated that the statement will also mention that Article V of the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty applies to the Senkaku Islands, refer to cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, and express serious concern over China’s new coast guard law. The two leaders will also reportedly issue a document on technical cooperation on climate change, including carbon dioxide capture and storage, and conclude a partnership agreement on climate change.  

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