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Soka Gakkai meddles in bill to restrict purchase of security sensitive land

  • April 1, 2021
  • , Sentaku
  • JMH Translation

The Cabinet has finally passed the “land-use regulation bill,” which restricts the purchase of security sensitive land using foreign capital. The original bill designated Tsushima and other border islands as well as land located within about 1 km of key Self-Defense Forces and U.S. military facilities as “monitored areas” and required the advance submission of notification in the case of land transaction.


Komeito strongly opposed this, saying “it is an excessive restriction of private rights and will have a major impact on economic activities.” The government gave up on its idea of passing a Cabinet decision in early March.


In the end, the government in effect excluded urban areas [from the bill] by adding the phrase “including matters to be kept in mind from an economic and social viewpoint,” and the Cabinet passed the bill. 


A source affiliated with the Liberal Democratic Party revealed that “Soka Gakkai leadership strictly ordered Komeito to have the bill watered down.” Soka Gakkai headquarters is located in Shinanomachi [Shinjuku Ward] and lies 1.3 km from the main gate of the Ministry of Defense in Ichigaya. Soka Gakkai and its related businesses are actively buying up land in the area.


The reality is that Soka Gakkai wants at all costs to prevent restrictions being placed on land purchases by the proposed law.

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