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Senior USG official says two leaders to mention Taiwan in joint statement

NHK, NTV, and TBS reported at noon that a senior official of the Biden administration said in a telephone interview on Thursday that President Biden and Prime Minister Suga are expected to discuss peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait during the upcoming summit and to stipulate their preservation in a joint statement to be released after the summit to “send a clear signal that China’s actions such as flying a bomber over Taiwan run counter to peace and stability” in the region. Meanwhile, the official also reportedly stressed that the move is not aimed at raising tensions by saying that the U.S. is aware that Japan has robust economic connections with China and that Suga is hoping to address the issue with caution. The networks said that if realized, it will be the first time for Taiwan to be mentioned in a post-summit joint statement between the U.S. and Japan since President Nixon and Prime Minister Sato held talks in 1969. According to NHK, the official also disclosed that the Japanese government will join the U.S. government in announcing a plan to invest $2 billion in 5G technology.

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