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Osaka asks GOJ to issue fresh state of emergency

  • April 21, 2021
  • , All national papers
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All national dailies reported on the Osaka Prefectural Government’s request to the GOJ on Tuesday to declare a state of emergency for the prefecture in response to the sharp rise in the number of coronavirus infections in recent weeks partly due to the spread of more contagious variants. Osaka Governor Yoshimura said he intends to close major amusement and commercial facilities such as theme parks and department stores in addition to the current measures that include asking restaurants and bars to shorten their opening hours. He also said the declaration would probably need to be in place for three to four weeks. After meeting with relevant cabinet ministers, Prime Minister Suga told reporters the government will examine the situation in response to Osaka’s request and make a decision swiftly. According to the papers, Tokyo and Hyogo are also considering asking the GOJ to place them under a state of emergency.

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