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Parliamentary groups ready resolution to stop human rights violations

  • April 21, 2021
  • , Sankei , p. 2
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On April 20, parliamentary groups revealed a draft resolution condemning human rights abuses in Xinjiang and elsewhere. The draft, written by the Japan-Uyghur Parliamentary League and opposition party-based parliamentary league that promotes human rights diplomacy, strongly denounces serious human rights abuses and attempts to change the status quo by force. It demands the immediate halt to human rights violations in a manner acceptable to the international community.


The draft resolution points out that violation of freedom of religion, forceful incarceration, and other issues in Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong, and Myanmar “are not one nation’s domestic problem, but a legitimate concern of all countries.” The legislative branch of Japan, therefore, will “immediately start considering necessary legislation to prevent serious human rights violations and to rescue those suffering from the human rights abuses.”


The draft also urges the government to conduct a thorough investigation of the full picture of human rights violations, take steps to prevent abuses, and implement comprehensive measures to rescue the victims.


At a joint meeting of the Japan-Uyghur Parliamentary League and five other parliamentary groups that was held on April 20, lawmakers agreed to aim for the early adoption of the resolution. The final version will be ready after each party holds an internal discussion.


“The Japanese government needs to clearly state its opposition to human rights violations and other extreme behaviors,” stressed the Chairman of the Japan-Uyghur Parliamentary League, Kenji Furuya (LDP), at the April 20 meeting. Furuya, former chairman of the National Public Safety Commission, told the press that he hopes to obtain wide support from the parties and pass the resolution as soon as possible.

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