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LDP loses three parliamentary elections

The Monday editions of all national dailies gave top play to the ruling LDP’s defeat in three national elections on Sunday—a Lower House by-election for the No. 2 single-seat district in Hokkaido, an Upper House by-election in the Nagano constituency, and a re-held Upper House election in the Hiroshima district. Candidates backed by the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan won all of them. These were the first national elections since Prime Minister Suga took office in September last year. The papers wrote that the defeat deals a significant blow to Suga because it apparently reflects voters’ discontent with the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak and money-related scandals involving LDP lawmakers. The papers also wrote that the defeat will likely affect Suga’s decision on the timing to dissolve the Lower House for a snap general election, speculating that the premier will likely have no choice but to hold the election in the fall instead of July.

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