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Defense Ministry to study impact of climate change on security

NHK reported this morning that the Ministry of Defense will set up a task force as early as May to discuss the possible impact of climate change on security. The network said Defense Minister Kishi stated in a speech at a session of the climate change summit hosted by President Biden on April 23 that climate change could spark territorial disputes as the rise in the sea level will result in a decrease in land. The network said the ministry will set up a climate change task force as early as mid-May to discuss the impact of climate change on security and examine countermeasures, including providing assistance to island nations that could be affected by the sea level rise, and securing freedom of navigation in the Arctic Ocean as melting ice due to global warming will lead to more maritime traffic in the region. Meanwhile, the ministry will also consider measures to prevent Japan’s defense capabilities from weakening on account of the fact that the SDF is frequently deployed for disaster relief operations due to the increasing severity of natural disasters, which affects their training. 

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