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Rahm Emanuel likely to be tapped as envoy to Japan 

Nikkei front-paged the disclosure by several sources involved in U.S.-Japan relations that final coordination is underway for former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to be appointed as U.S. ambassador to Japan, claiming that President Biden is likely to nominate the former chief of staff under President Obama in the near future. President Biden reportedly tapped the Obama confidant on account of his deft policy stewardship during his White House years. The daily said that although Emanuel does not have much expertise on Japan, he has strong connections with Democratic heavyweights, including President Biden. According to the daily, he visited Japan when he was Chicago mayor. 


Yomiuri ran a similar story, noting that Emanuel is known for his astute handling of White House politics under President Obama and that President Biden has decided to tap the political “heavyweight” to strengthen the U.S.-Japan alliance with China’s rapid rise in mind as that is the U.S. administration’s foremost foreign policy concern. The paper added that Emanuel apparently has a number of political enemies because of his “combative” style that earned him the nickname “Rahmbo,” projecting that his Senate confirmation hearing may not go smoothly as a result. A source involved in bilateral affairs said that since Emanuel’s connections with Japan are apparently weak, “it’s hard to tell whether he will be up to the mark as ambassador to Japan “ 


NHK, TV Asahi, Fuji TV, Asahi, Mainichi, and Sankei took up the Financial Times’ story that President Biden has decided to nominate Emanuel as ambassador to Japan.    

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