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Japan, UK ministers to discuss loneliness problem

  • May 12, 2021
  • English Press

A Japanese Cabinet minister tasked with tackling loneliness is likely to hold talks with his British counterpart, amid the coronavirus pandemic.


NHK has learned that arrangements are now being made for an online meeting between Japan’s minister for promoting the active engagement of all citizens in society Sakamoto Tetsushi and Britain’s Minister for Civil Society Diana Barran, as early as mid-June.


The two may issue a joint message after the meeting.


The Japanese government is concerned that the continuing pandemic has caused people to feel lonely and isolated.


It appointed Sakamoto to coordinate efforts across multiple government agencies aimed at alleviating social isolation.


The British government created the post three years ago. It holds an awareness campaign each June to shed light on loneliness, which afflicts the elderly in particular.


Sakamoto apparently hopes the meeting will provide effective solutions for the problem, which has become a concern among developed countries.

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