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Public disapproval of Suga administration grows amid COVID-19 fourth wave 

Asahi front-paged the results of its latest public opinion poll taken over the weekend that put support for the Suga cabinet at 33%, down 6 points from a month ago, and nonsupport at 47%, up 8 points. Only 23% approved of the administration’s response to the fourth wave of the novel coronavirus, down 6 points, while 67% disapproved, up 6 points. Three out of five voiced distrust of the prime minister’s commitment to combating the pandemic. The paper attributed mounting public criticism of the administration to the slow vaccine rollout, with 66% holding the government “largely responsible” for the delay. As for the Tokyo Olympics, about 73% said they were not convinced of the premier’s insistence that it is possible to hold “safe and secure” Tokyo Olympics. More than 80% said the Games should be canceled or postponed again.  


Kyodo’s survey pointed to a similar trend, with cabinet approval standing at 41%, down 3 points from a month ago, whereas nonsupport was 47%, up 11 points. Seven out of ten disapproved of the administration’s handling of the pandemic. Almost 60% called for the cancellation of the Olympics.    


In a related story, Asahi took up the results of a public opinion survey on the Tokyo Olympics taken in Canada and the U.S. by a Canadian pollster in early May. Some 42% of Canadian and 55% of American respondents voiced support for sending their Olympic athletes to Tokyo, while 39% of Canadians and 20% of Americans said they should not participate. Approximately 46% of Canadians said it is not safe for athletes to take part in the event, while only 22% of Americans said the same. 

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