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Central, prefectural governments to shoulder cost of upgrading water purification plant near Kadena AB

  • May 17, 2021
  • , Okinawa Times
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Okinawa Times wrote that the total cost of a project to replace parts of the water purification system at a facility in Chatan that will be paid by the central and prefectural governments will likely be about 1.6 billion yen ($14 million). The paper wrote that the five-year project was launched in fiscal 2019 in response to the detection of PFAS in the Dakujaku River that runs through the Kadena Air Base because the river flows into the Hija River, which is a water source for the facility. The paper wrote that the prefectural government has not been able to determine whether the base is the cause of the PFAS contamination in the Dakujaku River because the U.S. military has not allowed its officials to conduct onsite surveys there. The paper claimed that the central and prefectural governments are shouldering the cost of the project to replace the existing activated carbon at the water purification facility despite the possibility that Kadena Air Base could be the source of contamination due to the lack of progress in investigating the situation.

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