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Suga administration’s public support rate plummets

Asahi took up the 7-point plunge in public support of the Suga cabinet to a record low of 33% in its latest opinion poll, noting that many Kantei officials and ruling party lawmakers feel powerless to recapture the trust of voters who are highly critical of the administration for consistently failing to stem the COVID-19 resurgence. These officials reportedly pin high hopes on vaccination in the belief that public confidence will rebound in tandem with the vaccine rollout. “The fate of the administration depends on the vaccine rollout,” in the words of an unnamed cabinet member. The paper added that as a cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics would be judged as Japan having failed to defeat the virus if China were to host the Beijing Winter Olympics early next year as planned, the Suga administration is even more committed to going ahead with the summer event despite mounting public opposition.


In a related story, Sankei front-paged the results of its latest public opinion poll that put support for the Suga administration at 43%, down 9.3 points from a month ago, and nonsupport at 52.8%, up almost 11 points. The public was apparently displeased with the GOJ’s response to the fourth wave of the coronavirus. Some 57% were in favor of canceling the Tokyo Olympics.

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