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U.S. suspends imports of Uniqlo shirts over Uyghur concerns

  • May 20, 2021
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Nikkei wrote that it learned on Wednesday from a Customs and Border Protection document dated May 10 that the United States has blocked shipments of shirts produced by the Uniqlo casualwear chain operated by Japan’s Fast Retailing Co. for suspected violation of a U.S. import ban because they were suspected to be made by Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. The agency confiscated the shirts at the Port of Los Angeles in January. According to the document, Uniqlo requested that the ban be lifted by saying the raw cotton used in the shirts was not produced in China. However, the U.S. agency turned down the request by saying the company failed to provide sufficient evidence that its products were not made using forced labor. On Wednesday Fast Retailing called the U.S. customs decision “very regrettable.” The paper wrote that the impact of the blocked shipment on the company’s earnings is likely to be minimal because its North American sales make up only a few percent of the company’s total sales. All other papers ran similar reports.

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