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  • May 26, 2021
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Broadcasters led with reports on arrangements being made by the GOJ to extend the current COVID-19 state of emergency until June 20 (NHK, TBS, TV Asahi), the administration of 4,876 doses of COVID-19 vaccine at the large-scale vaccination center in Tokyo and 2,472 in Osaka yesterday (NTV), and the possible implications of the State Department’s travel advisory for Japan being raised to Level 4 (Fuji TV). 


Main front-page items in national papers included the upgraded U.S. travel advisory for Japan, the growing likelihood of another extension of the COVID-19 state of emergency for ten prefectures through June 20, a 4.7% drop in the number of newborns in FY2020 amid the pandemic, and the GOJ’s plan to help companies and local governments set up large-scale data centers in rural areas.   

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