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Concern grows about emergence of “lawless zone” during Olympics 

  • May 26, 2021
  • , Mainichi
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Mainichi reported on growing concern among local public health experts and officials involved in the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics about what they see as the paramount difficulty of keeping track of the some 90,000 foreign athletes, journalists, and other stakeholders. Although the International Olympic Committee and the local organizers have drafted a “playbook” outlining anti-COVID-19 measures that the participants must follow while in Japan, the daily claimed that it is almost impossible to build and enforce a system to monitor their compliance with the rules around the clock. The organizers have decided to deploy “monitors” to check on the participants, but the details of their patrol operations have yet been decided. While expressing doubts about the effectiveness of the GOJ plan to deport participants in the event that they violate the rules, the daily quoted a Japanese organizing committee source as saying: “Tokyo may become a ‘lawless zone’ if we fail to enforce the infection prevention measures.”  

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