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White House press secretary says U.S. position on Tokyo Games unchanged

All networks reported at noon that in relation to the State Department’s travel advisory for Japan that was raised to the highest level, White House Press Secretary Psaki explained to the press on Tuesday that there are “very specific entry and movement rules and procedures” for U.S. athletes and reiterated the U.S. government’s support for Japan’s efforts to hold the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. She reportedly said the Japanese government “has stressed that public health remains the central priority as they plan to host the Games” and that President Biden “proudly supports U.S. athletes.” Psaki was also shown saying that the U.S. delegation is “one of the very limited categories of U.S. travelers that are actually planning on going to Japan for the Olympics.” 


Several networks also reported that Olympic Minister Marukawa reiterated her view that the latest U.S. travel advisory update will not affect the Tokyo Games by saying: “The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee has released a statement saying that it will not affect the participation of U.S. athletes. The White House press secretary has also made that clear, so I don’t think it will affect the Games. I guess the U.S. side is surprised by the commotion.”

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