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South Korea reacts strongly to Japanese map including Takeshima 

Thursday evening’s Mainichi reprinted a Kyodo story saying that South Korea’s former Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun posted a message on Facebook on Wednesday calling for the removal of the Takeshima Islands, also called as Dokdo in South Korea, from a map of Japan on the website of the Tokyo organizing committee for the Olympics and Paralympics. Chung also said the ROK government ought to prepare all possible measures, including boycotting the Tokyo Games, should Japan refuse to remove it. Kyodo speculated that Chung’s statement might have been a politically motivated attempt to win public support because he is seen as a possible candidate in the ruling Democratic Party’s race to replace President Moon next year. 


However, a spokesperson of the Korean Sports & Olympic Committee expressed a negative view about Chung’s indication of the possibility of boycotting the Tokyo Games by saying that the committee’s position is different from that of the government and politicians and that it will not discuss the possibility of a boycott while ignoring the point of view of the athletes. 


Asahi wrote this morning that a spokesperson for South Korea’s ministry of foreign affairs told reporters on Thursday that Japan’s inclusion of the islands in the map is unacceptable. Sankei wrote that former Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon also made an online request for Japan to remove Takeshima from the map.   

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