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Japan draws up new strategy to boost food exports

  • May 27, 2021
  • English Press

Japan’s government has drawn up a strategy to boost exports of farm, forestry and fishery products.


The draft plan encourages farmers and businesses to set up organizations covering entire supply chains for each key export, such as rice and beef.


The role of the groups would be to raise the profile of Japanese products and develop new export destinations. They would establish product-quality standards and conduct market research overseas.


The government plans to provide financial support for the installation of necessary facilities and equipment, such as industrial-use refrigerators.


The government plans to revise laws to turn its strategy into reality.

The draft is part of a series of efforts to achieve the goal of increasing the total value of these exports more than five-fold from last year’s level. The target is five trillion yen, or about 46 billion dollars, by 2030.

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