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Public support for Suga Cabinet drops to 40%

Monday’s Nikkei carried a report on the results of its opinion poll conducted with TV Tokyo from May 28 to 30, which found that public support for the Suga Cabinet fell 7 points from last month to 40%, the lowest since the Suga administration was launched in September 2020. Nonsupport was 50%. The paper wrote that the drop in public support can be attributed to the fact that the government had to extend the state of emergency again as it failed to significantly decrease the number of new cases of COVID-19. On the government’s coronavirus measures, 64% expressed disapproval, while 31% expressed approval. When asked whether the GOJ should impose compulsory measures at the border to prevent foreign visitors from bringing new variants into Japan, 80% said yes, while 15% said no. On the extension of the state of emergency for nine prefectures, 77% said it was appropriate and 17% said it was not. Concerning the vaccination rollout, 72% said it is not going smoothly. When asked why they think Japan’s vaccination process is lagging behind other nations, with multiple answers allowed, 77% said the government was ill-prepared, 25% said local municipalities were ill-prepared, and 24% cited a lack of cooperation from medical practitioners. On the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, 34% said they should be held this summer, while 62% said they should be canceled or postponed. Public support for the LDP fell 5 points from last month to 42%, while support for the CDPJ remained at 8%.

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