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U.S. paper stresses political importance of holding Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics  

Sunday’s Sankei reported on an editorial by the Wall Street Journal on May 28 in which the U.S. paper wrote that although it is up to Japan to decide whether to cancel or postpone the Tokyo Olympics, “the U.S. can do more to help its ally.” The editorial reportedly criticized the State Department’s travel advisory for Japan, saying “it sends the wrong message as Japan begins to welcome tens of thousands of athletes and officials to the country ahead of the Olympics.” Pointing out that President Biden expressed support for Prime Minister Suga’s efforts to hold the Tokyo Games in a post- summit joint statement in April, the U.S. paper reportedly wrote that if President Biden is serious, “dropping the travel advisory would be a good start.” The U.S. paper also reportedly suggested offering Japan immediate help with the supply and distribution of vaccines. According to Sankei, the U.S. daily also referred to the Beijing Olympics in 2022 and stressed the political importance of holding the Tokyo Games by saying: “Authoritarian states use the Games to showcase their political model, and the failure of the Tokyo Olympics would be a propaganda coup for Beijing.” 

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