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Senior LDP members displeased with Chairman Omi’s remarks on Olympics

TV Asahi reported at noon that some members of the government are strongly displeased with GOJ coronavirus subcommittee Chairman Omi’s remark that it is “not normal” to hold the Olympics under the current infection situation. The network said that as the government is stressing that it will hold a “safe and secure” Olympic and Paralympic Games, some senior LDP members are reacting sharply to Omi’s remarks. One of them reportedly said: “Isn’t it too late to say that at this stage?” Another reportedly said: “He said something he shouldn’t have. The government is saying it’s a go. That’s all there is to it.” The network also noted that some members of the GOJ are concerned about the possible impact of the remark on elections as they are aware that the public favors canceling the Tokyo Games, adding that during an LDP meeting on Friday many LDP members agreed on the need to speed up the vaccination process to dispel public anxiety. The network quoted an unnamed member of the Cabinet as saying that whether the public can be put at ease depends upon the explanation Prime Minister Suga provides during the party leaders’ debate next week.




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