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Support for Suga cabinet drops to all-time low of 37%, public split on Olympics

Monday’s Yomiuri reported on the results of its nationwide public opinion poll conducted on June 4-6, in which 37%, down 6 points from a month ago, supported the Suga cabinet, while 50%, up 4 points, did not. This was the lowest support rating for the Suga cabinet since its launch last September. The paper wrote that although support for the Suga cabinet has fluctuated in correlation with the number of new COVID-19 cases, it dropped to a record low this month despite the recent downward trend of new cases and accelerated vaccine rollout. Some 27% approved of the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, while 68% did not. Regarding the government’s vaccination program, 37% said it is moving forward smoothly, while 58% said otherwise. When asked how long Prime Minister Suga should stay in office, 43% said they hope he will remain in his current post until his term as LDP president expires at the end of September, while 16% wanted him to step down immediately.


Concerning the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, 50% wanted the Games to be held, while 48%, down 11 points, said they should be canceled. Some 24%, up 8 points, said the Games should be held with a limited number of spectators, while 26%, up 3 points, said they should be held without spectators. However, 63% said the measures to be taken for foreign athletes and other stakeholders to prevent the spread of the virus appear to be insufficient.

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