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Foreign press corps to be monitored during Olympics using GPS app 

All national papers took up remarks made on Tuesday by President Hashimoto of the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee that foreign journalists covering the Games will be closely monitored using a GPS app on their smartphones for two weeks after they arrive to ensure that they do not travel anywhere other than their preregistered destinations. She also indicated that their accommodations will be restricted to designated hotels and inns. She expressed confidence that sufficient doctors and nurses will be secured to take care of participants. 


In a related story, most papers wrote that in a bid to host a safe and secure Olympic Games, the GOJ and the organizing committee are inclined to swiftly vaccinate most of the approximately 100,000 Olympic volunteers.    


Meanwhile, Asahi reported on NBC Universal’s announcement on Monday that it will offer more than 7,000 hours of content from the Tokyo Olympics across its networks and streaming platforms. The network plans to broadcast the opening ceremony live.  

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