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GOJ eager to let domestic spectators attend Olympic Games 

Asahi wrote that calls are growing among GOJ and Tokyo Olympics organizing committee officials for local fans to be allowed to attend the Games, saying that they are increasingly confident that they will be able to accommodate spectators in view of the accelerated coronavirus vaccination programs nationwide. The previous consensus that it would probably be difficult to allow local residents to attend has dissipated following a steady decline in the number of new cases over the past few weeks. The GOJ and the committee are set to decide on an upper limit for the number of spectators around June 20, with some officials saying that as many as 10,000 people should be allowed to attend per venue. However, as most public health experts are warning against holding the Games with domestic spectators in attendance, the daily said many officials are cautious. “The Games will not end with the Olympics, as we also plan to stage the Paralympics through early September,” said an unnamed Kantei official. “The administration could be blamed if something goes wrong as a result of allowing spectators.”  

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