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Top public health expert warns of fifth wave in summer 

  • June 10, 2021
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All national papers focused on an estimate on coronavirus infections presented to the Health Ministry coronavirus advisory board on Wednesday by Kyoto University virologist Nishimura. He forecast that if the present state of emergency is lifted on June 20 as planned, the infection situation in Tokyo will deteriorate to a level that warrants imposing another state of emergency in early August even if most of people aged 65 or older have been vaccinated by the end of July. The scientist warned of a possible resurgence of the virus in the summer on account of the rapid spread of more transmissible variants.      


In a related development, Sankei reported on the first cluster infection with the Indian variant of the virus in Tokyo, saying that 10 people, including a middle school student, have tested positive for the extremely contagious strain. As almost 100 people who were in close contact with the student have undergone PCR testing, the daily predicted the scope of the cluster infection may grow. 

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