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Senior LDP politician voices concern about Nikai heading study group on Indo-Pacific 

Yomiuri highlighted remarks made on a TV talk show yesterday by LDP Tax Commission Chairman Amari, who commented on the planned launch next week of an LDP parliamentary league designed to promote the free and open Indo-Pacific initiative. As the panel will be led by Secretary General Nikai, who is widely believed to be pro-Chinese, Amari said: “Is it really OK?… China is most displeased with the free and open Indo-Pacific initiative.”  


Asahi ran a similar story, pointing out that Deputy Secretary General Hayashi, who is very close to Nikai, has asked former Prime Minister Abe to serve as supreme advisor to the parliamentary league. The daily interpreted the move as Nikai’s overtures toward the former premier, who is reportedly anxious to team up with Amari and Finance Minister Aso to rein in Nikai’s growing influence over Prime Minister Suga.    

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