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GOJ remains committed to having spectators at Tokyo Olympics

  • June 14, 2021
  • , Fuji TV
  • JMH Summary

Fuji TV reported at noon that following the G7 leaders’ expression of support for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics this summer, the GOJ is determined to have spectators at the Games, quoting a government source as saying: “Zero spectators is not an option. We are going to have spectators.” The network said that although there was a time when “zero spectators” was a possibility because the number of new cases per day in Tokyo exceeded 1,000 from late April to early May, Prime Minister Suga is becoming more convinced that it will be possible to have spectators at the Games since the vaccination process has gained momentum. Quoting the premier as saying on Sunday, “In view of the infection situation at home, I will make a decision by the end of June that will basically be in accordance with the maximum capacity for other sporting events,” the network said the government is hoping to have at least “50% of capacity or up to 5,000” spectators.


Meanwhile, the network said one of the members of the GOJ subcommittee on the new coronavirus expressed concern by saying: “From the standpoint of an epidemiologist, holding the Games will be a factor in spreading the virus.”

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