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Opposition to submit no-confidence motion against Suga administration

All national papers reported that a coalition of four opposition parties led by the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan decided yesterday to submit to the Lower House today a no-confidence motion against the Suga cabinet following Prime Minister Suga’s decision made earlier in the day in consultation with the LDP leadership not to heed a call from the opposition for a three-month extension of the present Diet session, which will end tomorrow. “The Suga cabinet deserves a vote of no-confidence since it has failed to protect the people’s lives and livelihoods during the coronavirus pandemic,” CDPJ President Edano was quoted as saying last night. According to the papers, the ruling coalition is expected to vote down the motion during a plenary session this afternoon.


The Monday evening editions of Asahi and Mainichi wrote that Suga did not rule out the possibility of dissolving the House of Representatives for a snap general election if the opposition parties submitted a vote of no confidence. He reportedly told journalists in the UK on Sunday that he would make a decision on the election “when the time comes.” Nikkei wrote that the premier expressed a cautious stance on dissolving the Lower House in response to a no-confidence motion by stressing that implementing preventive measures against COVID-19 and moving forward with vaccination against the virus to create a safe and secure environment for people in Japan as soon as possible remain his top priorities.

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