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  • June 25, 2021
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Broadcasters led with reports on signs of another resurgence of COVID-19 in Tokyo (NHK, TBS), the likelihood that the vaccination of elderly people in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward will be completed by the end of July (NTV), Typhoon Champi, which is forecast to approach the Ogasawara Islands over the weekend (Fuji TV), and people lining up overnight to fill canceled appointments at large-scale vaccination centers in Tokyo and Osaka (TV Asahi). 


Top stories in national dailies included a behind-the-scenes article about discussions within the Suga administration on the pros and cons of canceling the Tokyo Olympics this summer and Prime Minister Suga’s determination to host them (Asahi), a GOJ plan to launch a new website providing comprehensive information about medical institutions nationwide and the treatments they offer (Yomiuri), a plan by the National Police Agency to establish in 2020 a new unit dedicated to handling major cybercrimes (Mainichi), a plan by Mitsubishi Motors to offer electric vehicles for under 2 million yen (Nikkei), and the suspension of publication of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily (Sankei). 

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