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U.S., North Korea in tug of war over resumption of denuclearization talks 

Nikkei wrote that the United States and North Korea are now engaged in a tug of war over when to resume denuclearization talks as Pyongyang responded to the Biden administration’s readiness to hold dialogue without preconditions by saying it is not interested in “meaningless” contact. North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Son Gwon said on Wednesday that Pyongyang is not even considering the possibility of contact with the United States that would only waste time. The paper speculated that Ri’s remarks were intended to put North Korea in an advantageous position ahead of any dialogue with the United States and that the DPRK may call for suspension of the U.S.-ROK joint drills planned for the summer. The paper wrote that it appears unlikely that the Biden administration, which regards the denuclearization of the DPRK as the ultimate goal of dialogue, will make concessions with the DPRK in the early stages of talks. 

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