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Japan to provide AstraZeneca vaccines to four ASEAN nations 

  • June 26, 2021
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All national dailies reported on Saturday that Foreign Minister Motegi announced on Friday that Japan will provide Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia with about one million AstraZeneca vaccine doses each free of charge. The papers said the vaccines will be delivered to the nations as early as early July. According to the dailies, Japan will also provide Taiwan and Vietnam with one million additional doses each by mid-July. The paper wrote that Japan is planning to provide a total of 11 million doses of vaccine to non-ASEAN nations through COVAX from mid-July. 


In addition, MOFA announced on Friday that Japan will provide emergency grant aid worth approximately $9.26 million (about 1 billion yen) to India, including equipment for keeping vaccines refrigerated and related assistance.  

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