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Afghan envoy calls for continued international assistance after U.S. troop withdrawal

  • June 28, 2021
  • , NHK
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NHK reported on an interview with Afghan Ambassador to Japan Abdali, during which he called on Japan and the international community to continue to support Afghanistan to maintain peace and order after U.S. troops are completely withdrawn from the nation in less than three months. The network said while U.S. troops are expected to be completely withdrawn from Afghanistan in September, the security situation in the nation has been worsening since U.S. troops began to pull out in May and the Taliban forces are extending control over the nation. Ambassador Abdali reportedly said: “The violence is increasing instead of decreasing. This means the Taliban is not yet acting in good faith.” Meanwhile, the network said the Afghan envoy also mentioned that the Afghan government has proposed a roadmap for peace and stressed that Japan’s cooperation will be necessary to bring peace to the nation. He reportedly said: “The ball is in the Taliban’s court. If they agree on this fair proposal, peace will come. I hope that Japan will make an all-out effort to have all of the concerned parties come to the negotiating table.” Abdali reportedly added: “If Afghanistan falls into the hands of the Taliban, the entire world will become unstable, just like in the 90s. This is an international responsibility.”

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