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Prime Minister Suga says Tokyo Olympics could be held without spectators

All national dailies wrote that Prime Minister Suga told reporters on Thursday that the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games could be held without spectators depending on the COVID-19 situation in Japan. Suga reportedly said he has previously noted the possibility of the Games being held without spectators if it becomes necessary to issue another state of emergency. The premier stressed that the GOJ will act with the safety and security of the Japanese people as its top priority. He added that any new decision on spectators will be made through a consensus among the five organizing bodies of the Tokyo Games. Suga’s remarks came following a comment made to the press by Komeito chief representative Yamaguchi that he hopes the government will remain open to the possibility of the Games being held with no spectators and inform the public of any decision on the matter in a timely manner. The GOJ is planning to decide next week whether to extend the current quasi-state of emergency for Tokyo and nine other prefectures beyond July 11.

Yomiuri claimed that the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee has begun making arrangements to hold some of the events, including those to be held at large-scale venues or at night, without spectators.

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