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Experts concerned about resurgence of COVID-19 in Tokyo

All national dailies wrote that participants in a meeting on Thursday of a group of experts monitoring the spread of COVID-19 in Tokyo expressed strong concern over a resurgence of the virus in Tokyo, saying that there could be more than 1,000 new cases a day four weeks from now. Tokyo confirmed 673 new cases on Thursday, up 103 from a week ago. The papers wrote that the virus is spreading among young people, with 29% of the new cases being confirmed among people in their 20s, 19.3% in their 30s, and 14.8% in their teens or younger on June 28. Only 5.4% of those who tested positive for COVID-19 were 65 years old and older.


Sankei speculated that the GOJ is making arrangements to extend the current quasi-state of emergency for Tokyo and its three neighboring prefectures until around Aug. 8.

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