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Indo-Pacific Coordinator Campbell says U.S. does not support Taiwan’s independence 

Wednesday evening’s Nikkei and Asahi reported on remarks made by NSC Indo-Pacific Coordinator Kurt Campbell at a think tank event on Tuesday. Concerning the United States’ relations with Taiwan, Campbell reportedly said that while the United States supports a strong unofficial relationship with Taiwan, it does not support Taiwan’s independence. The paper interpreted this remark as an expression of the Biden administration’s position of dealing with China based on the “One China” principle,” according to which Taiwan is a Chinese province. Campbell reportedly added that the United States believes Taiwan has a right to live in peace and wants to see Taiwan playing roles in the international community. Referring to China’s authoritarian rule in Hong Kong, Campbell reportedly said the international community needs to send a signal to China that it will take necessary actions if China takes steps that are completely antithetical to the international order. This morning’s Sankei ran a similar report. 

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