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Suga, Moon likely to hold first summit during Tokyo Olympics

Sunday’s Nikkei wrote that arrangements are being made for Prime Minister Suga and South Korean President Moon to hold bilateral talks in Japan this month, possibly during a visit to Tokyo by Moon for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics on July 23. If the meeting is realized, it will be the first summit between Suga and Moon. The paper wrote that South Korea asked Japan to arrange a meeting with Suga if Moon travels to Tokyo and the GOJ agreed to do so. Moon last visited Japan in June 2019 for the G20 summit in Osaka, but he did not meet with Prime Minister Abe then. Although Suga and Moon both attended the G7 summit in the UK last month, they only exchanged greetings there. The paper wrote that discussions are also underway for South Korean Foreign Minister Chung to accompany Moon and hold bilateral talks with Foreign Minister Motegi.


According to the daily, the Moon administration sought a summit with Suga in light of criticism at home that he has pushed Japan-ROK relations to their worst level since the two countries normalized diplomatic ties in the 1960s. However, the paper conjectured that the GOJ is set to end the planned Suga-Moon meeting early if the South Korean government fails to demonstrate that it plans to take concrete steps on the comfort women and requisitioned worker issues.

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