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IOC President Bach to receive red carpet treatment in Hiroshima

The regional Chugoku Shimbun reported on IOC President Bach’s planned trip to Hiroshima tomorrow, noting that the municipal government is expected to roll out the red carpet for him by partially closing off the Peace Memorial Park to ensure that he can pray for global peace in a quiet environment. He will be greeted by Mayor Matsui, Governor Yuzaki, the leaders of prefectural and municipal assemblies, and some atomic bomb survivors. This will be the fourth time for the municipality to restrict public entry to the park for visiting dignitaries, including President Obama in 2016 and Pope Francis in 2019. The restriction will be imposed to strike a balance between “the significance of the IOC leader issuing a message of peace and the need to ensure security,” in the words of a Hiroshima government spokesperson. The daily noted that all the messages regarding the visit received by the city from citizens objected to Bach’s coming to Hiroshima. 



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