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Public support for Suga Cabinet falls to record low

Sunday’s Mainichi reported on its opinion poll conducted together with the Social Survey Research Center on Saturday, which found that the public support for the Suga Cabinet dropped four points from last month to 30%, marking the lowest level since the launch of the Suga administration in September 2020. Nonsupport reached a record high of 62%, up by 7 points. In addition, 63% of respondents did not approve the Suga administration’s measures against COVID-19, with only 19% expressing approval. Slightly below 90% of people who disapproved of the coronavirus measures expressed nonsupport for the Suga Cabinet. Concerning the GOJ’s policies related to the alcohol ban that were later retracted, 74% said they were problematic while 13% said they were not. Among those who said they were problematic, 70% expressed nonsupport for the Suga Cabinet. The daily said the public viewed the government’s policies on the alcohol ban as heavy-handed, adding that together with their frustration over the government measures against COVID-19, this helped push down public support.


Nikkei also reported on Saturday that according to Jiji’s opinion poll conducted from July 9 to 12, public support for the Suga Cabinet dropped 3.8 points from last month to 29.3%. Nonsupport rose 5.6 points to 49.8%, a record high. The daily wrote that this was the first time for the public support to drop below 30% since the launch of the Suga administration.


Asahi’s latest poll put support for the administration at a record low of 31%, down 3 points, and nonsupport at 49%, up 7 points. Only 27% of female respondents expressed support, while 35% of male respondents did. Some 65% of respondents were critical of the GOJ’s response to the pandemic. Almost 55% expressed opposition to holding the Tokyo Olympics, with only one out of three being in favor of it. Close to 70% said it will be impossible to convene a safe and secure Games.


A Kyodo opinion survey put support for the Suga cabinet at 35.9%, down 8.1 points, and nonsupport at a record high of 49.8%. Some 87% of respondents expressed apprehension about the Tokyo Olympics possibly becoming a superspreader event.

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