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Japan’s vaccine passport to be valid in seven nations 

  • July 22, 2021
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All national dailies reported on Thursday on the GOJ disclosure that Italy, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, and Poland have all agreed to accept Japan’s vaccine passport, saying that Japanese travelers holding the passport will be exempted from mandatory quarantine procedures. In addition, South Korea and Estonia will regard the passport as a document that will help streamline COVID-19-related entry requirements for Japanese nationals. According to the GOJ, about two dozen other nations are also open to recognizing Japan’s vaccine passport. 


Sunday’s Nikkei wrote that Japan is still hesitant about mutual recognition of vaccine passports issued by foreign governments on account of the severe infection situation at home and abroad. Another issue will be how to assess the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines, which are regarded as less effective than the American and European products. The GOJ is reportedly reluctant to recognize vaccine passports from recipients of Chinese vaccines. The daily projected that Tokyo may not recognize vaccine passports issued by certain foreign countries until after the conclusion of the Olympics in mid-August. 

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