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Suga dismisses possibility of suspending Olympics on account of COVID-19 resurgence

All national papers highlighted remarks made to the press last night by Prime Minister Suga, who ruled out the possibility of suspending the Tokyo Olympics even in the face of the rapidly rising epidemic curve in the Tokyo metropolitan area. “There is no chance that the Games will be suspended,” he was quoted as saying. “People’s mobility is declining due to restrictions on traffic and increased telecommuting. There is no need to worry.” The premier reiterated his call for people to watch the Olympics at home.


In a related story, Asahi said officials of the Olympic organizing committee are concerned that the public’s opposition to the Games will pick up again following the sharp rise in the epidemic curve. In a bid to downplay the international sporting event’s impact on the local infection situation, the committee released data yesterday showing that while some 38,000 athletes, journalists, and other stakeholders have arrived in Tokyo for the Games from abroad, only 79 of them have tested positive for the virus. “The Olympics have not inflicted serious damage,” said a committee spokesperson on Tuesday.

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