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Favorable tweets outnumber negative ones after the opening of Olympics

  • July 28, 2021
  • , Nikkei , p. 3
  • JMH Translation

Change in people’s reactions to the Olympics before and after the opening of the Games is becoming evident. A recent analysis of messages posted to Twitter shows that there are more favorable than unfavorable responses after the Games opened on July 23, despite the fact that negative messages, such as criticism of the spate of scandals and concern about a spike in COVID-19 infections, were the majority before the Games.


The analysis was done through NTT Data’s “Nazuki no oto” language analysis tool. It extracted 400 tweets per hour that contain such words as “Olympics” and categorized them into “favorable” or “unfavorable” reactions based on the definition of “Nazuki no oto.”


Favorable responses began to pick up after the softball competition kicked off on July 21. On July 23, when the opening ceremony began and  the Air Self-Defense Force’s Blue Impulse team flew over Tokyo to celebrate the Games, favorable posts outnumbered negative ones.


The total number of tweets that contain the word “Olympics” topped 4.3 million on July 23, a 2.4-fold increase from the day before. (Abridged)

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