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Okinawa to dismiss GOJ request for FRF design change

  • July 29, 2021
  • , Okinawa Times
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Thursday’s Okinawa Times front-paged a speculative piece claiming that the prefectural government is inclined to reject in mid-August the request filed by the Defense Ministry for the governor’s authorization of a change to the design of the Futenma replacement facility to be constructed off Camp Schwab. As the design change involves engineering work to reinforce the soft seabed in the vicinity so that the massive structure can be built there, the daily said a rejection would make it impossible for the ministry to continue the construction.


According to the article, Governor Tamaki told the press yesterday that although he has authorized a separate application from the ministry to transplant some 25,000 coral reef colonies in the area in accordance with a recent Supreme Court ruling, this permit may be revoked in the future if it becomes clear that the landfill cannot be completed for any reason, including the discovery of the soft seabed. The daily wrote that while the Defense Ministry is optimistic that the permit for coral reef transplantation will clear the way for the start of FRF seawall construction, the prefectural government is still determined to employ every possible means available to thwart the project.

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