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GOJ coronavirus taskforce chief alarmed by explosive spread of COVID-19

  • July 29, 2021
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All TV networks highlighted remarks made at the Diet this morning by Chairman Omi of the GOJ coronavirus taskforce subcommittee, who warned that the healthcare capacity in Tokyo will soon be overwhelmed unless people change their behavior immediately. “The current infection situation is the severest by far,” said the nation’s leading epidemiologist. “At this point there are no factors that would help to flatten the epidemic curve, but there are many factors that would cause it to rise further,” including the Delta variant, the Olympics, summer holidays, and people “getting used to the pandemic.” Underscoring that the “biggest problem is the absence of a shared sense of risk” among the people, he urged the central and Tokyo metropolitan governments to issue strong messages for people to stay home. “Because the GOJ and the organizing committee decided to hold the Games in the face of strong opposition, they are naturally responsible for doing their utmost to prevent infection and the collapse of the healthcare system,” he added.

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