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Suga was allegedly optimistic about  preventing fifth wave 

Saturday’s Asahi reported on what it viewed as Suga administration officials’ optimistic outlook for the current surge of COVID-19. Prime Minister Suga and his top associates had reportedly projected that the steady rollout of COVID-19 vaccines would either prevent a fifth wave or minimize its impact. According to the daily, the premier had assumed ahead of the Olympics that the number of new cases in Tokyo at the peak of the fifth wave would be around 2,000, far lower than the latest figures. The daily added that while the prime minister has been baffled by the unexpectedly high numbers, he is still confident that the administration can flatten the epidemic curve by the end of August by speeding up the vaccine rollout. “The light at the end of the tunnel is about to come into view,” said an unnamed senior Kantei official. “The coronavirus will soon be comparable to influenza. There’s nothing to worry about.”   


Today’s Sankei wrote that the administration is frustrated with the continued spike in infections, as most officials did not expect an exponential growth of the current level. “With the current surge in new cases, the vaccine rollout at the present pace will not be able to flatten the epidemic curve by the end of August,” said an unnamed cabinet member. “We miscalculated the infection situation.”      

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