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Kato comments on Iran’s alleged attack on Japanese tanker

  • August 2, 2021
  • , NHK
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NHK reported on an attack against a tanker owned by a Japanese firm in waters off Oman on July 29 in which two crew members, one British and the other Romanian, died. The network said while Israeli Prime Minister Bennett claimed in a press conference on Sunday that Iran attacked the tanker using an unmanned aircraft, the Iranian side denied any involvement. The network added that tensions between the two nations are likely to intensify. The network said that on Sunday Secretary of State Blinken released a statement saying that the United States is “confident that Iran conducted this attack, which killed two innocent people, using one-way explosive UAVs” and strongly condemned the attack. The Secretary also reportedly said in the statement: “We are working with our partners to consider our next steps and consulting with governments inside the region and beyond on an appropriate response, which will be forthcoming.”


Meanwhile, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato reportedly told the press this morning: “We are deeply concerned about this incident that interfered with freedom of navigation amid high tensions in the Middle East. We strongly condemn such an attack….For Japan, which relies on the Middle East for 90% of its crude oil imports, peace and stability in the region is extremely important. A stable supply of crude oil from the Middle East is essential for the stability and growth of the world economy, including the Japanese economy. We will continue to make proactive diplomatic efforts toward relaxing tensions and stabilizing the situation in the Middle East.” 

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