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LDP Secretary General Nikai says Suga likely to be reelected as LDP president

  • August 4, 2021
  • , Mainichi
  • JMH Summary

Mainichi wrote that LDP Secretary General Nikai told reporters on Tuesday that it is highly likely that the incumbent LDP president will be reelected in the next LDP presidential election because it is unknown whether there will be other candidates. Nikai reportedly said there is no reason to replace Prime Minister Suga because he is doing a good job and there appears to be support for Suga’s reelection within the LDP and the Japanese public.

The paper wrote separately that an LDP committee on presidential elections agreed on Tuesday that the committee will decide when to hold a presidential election in its next meeting on Aug. 26. The paper wrote that the election will take place between Sept. 20 and 29 before Suga’s current term expires on Sept. 30.

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