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Support for Suga cabinet drops to 28%

Monday’s Asahi reported on the results of its nationwide public opinion survey conducted on Aug. 7-8, in which 28% of the respondents, down 3 points from a month ago, supported the Suga cabinet, while 53%, up 4 points, did not. This was the lowest support since the Suga cabinet’s launch in September last year. Some 56% said it was good that Tokyo hosted the Olympics, while 32% said otherwise. The paper wrote that although the GOJ and the ruling LDP had hoped that the Olympics would boost public support for the Suga cabinet, the Games appear to have had only limited impact on the public’s views toward the cabinet. The paper attributed the low cabinet support to the public’s low evaluation of the Suga administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Only 23% welcomed the cabinet’s handling of the pandemic, while 79% did not. When asked whether they hope Prime Minister Suga will remain in his current post by securing another term as LDP president in September, 60% said “no” and 25% said “yes.”

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