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Risk of COVID-19 infection at home grows due to surge in new cases

  • August 8, 2021
  • , Nikkei
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Sunday’s Nikkei wrote that the risk of being infected with the coronavirus at home is increasing as a growing number of COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms are being forced to recuperate at home amid the recent spike in new cases. In Tokyo, the rate of infection at home had risen to 61% of all new cases in the first week of August. The number of patients who are being forced to stay home to recuperate is growing because there are not enough government-prepared facilities to accept them. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, it has secured about 6,000 hotel and other rooms to accommodate patients with mild symptoms but only 2,940 of them are equipped with medical care functions and ready to accept patients. Some 18,036 patients were recuperating at home in Tokyo as of Aug. 6, while 1,815 patients were staying at government-designated facilities.

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