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Suga denies Tokyo Olympics’ link to spike in COVID-19 cases

Saturday’s Yomiuri reported on remarks made to the press by Prime Minister Suga on Friday in Hiroshima. He reportedly dismissed the view that the Tokyo Olympics is linked to the recent spike in the number of new COVID-19 cases in Japan. Concerning whether the Paralympics should be held with spectators, Suga said that a five-party meeting involving organizers and the government will make a decision after the closure of the Olympics on Aug. 8 by taking into account the COVID-19 situation in the nation. However, Saturday’s Nikkei wrote that it is becoming likely that the Paralympics, which will open on Aug. 24, will be held without spectators amid the recent spike in new COVID-19 cases in Japan because some Paralympic athletes are at higher risk of developing severe symptoms from COVID-19.


Monday’s Nikkei wrote that Tokyo organizing committee President Hashimoto told reporters on Sunday that a decision should be made on whether to allow spectators to participate in the upcoming Paralympic Games in a careful manner by taking into account the infection situation in Japan.

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