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Suga voices gratitude for successful Olympics

Kyodo wrote that Prime Minister Suga posted a video on the Kantei Twitter account this morning expressing appreciation for the successful completion of the Tokyo Olympics amid the coronavirus pandemic. “We were able to fulfill our obligations as a host nation and pass the baton to the Paris Olympics thanks to the understanding and support of the people,” he was quoted as saying. “I am truly grateful.” He also thanked all the athletes for conveying hope, dreams, and inspiration to people around the world, including children and youth.


In a related story, Jiji reported on remarks made to the press earlier in the day by CEO Muto of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee, who underscored that the Games were held successfully despite the coronavirus outbreak. “The prevention and mitigation protocols worked well overall. We proved that we could do it if we tried. I think the people felt empowered,” he was quoted as saying, adding that more people are now saying it was good that the Olympics were held. 

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